Hello sisters, brothers, family & people interested in the traditional ceremonial work,


I have the honour to invite you to a special Native American Chruch ceremony in the forest.


There will be one ceremony starting on the 28. March till 29. March. After one night pause there will be a second ceremony on the 30. March till 31. March. Both ceremonies will be about the celebration of life, birth, forgiveness, and the welcoming of new paths.


The ceremonies will start between 21:00 and 22:00. We will come together between 18:00 and 19:00 on the location. Then we will have the opportunity to meet each other while enjoying a cup of tea.


The space where we hold this ceremony is a beautiful house in the forest in the national park "Eifel" in Germany, near the city of "Schleiden". In the very long ago past, the location was known as an old lemurian temple and there are special energetic places in the forest around, where you can feel this heritage.


We will work with a traditional 4 Tobaccos Half Moon Altar with the Grandfather medicine according to the Teocali Quetzalcoatl (Native American Church) tradition.
The ceremony will be conducted by our brother Xochipilli Nahuimitl (Rudy) and will be supported by our brother Ce Ollin Tezcatlipoca (Alberto).


Xochipilli Nahuimitl

Xochipilli Nahuimitl, began his journey with Camino Rojo in his adolescence. Throughout his life he has been taken under the wing of the elders, who taught him the ways of the traditional Native ways: the temazcales, the sundance, the tipis, the songs, the altars and the ancient ways of the sacred. Xochipilli Nahuimitl is a collaborator of the Teokali Quetzalcóatl, a branch of the Native American Church. He has dedicated his life to serve the medicine in the Half Moon Altar Ceremony, and travels all over the world sharing his work and his prayers.


Ce Ollin Tezcatlipoca

Ce Ollin Tezxatlipoca from Guerrero, Mexico, began his Red Path already as a boy learning from his grandmother, a great curandera of Aztec lineage. Already as an adolescent he began to study the knowledge of his ancestors, the Danza Azteca, the sacred medicines, the rituals, the songs and storie, the cosmology and its magic. He has also been taken under the wings of the Huichol masters of Wirikuta and is member of Native American Church. He continues to walk the sacred path offering his service with his music, the fire, with the water drum, Aztec dances, temazcales and more.

If you have any question about the the ceremony after you read the detailed information, please dont hesitate to contact me. Your questions are important and I will answer every one of them.


Please contact me via Email to receive the detailed information about this ceremony.


If you want to register, please send an Email to:


I am very happy to have the honour to welcome Rudy and Alberto for their first ceremony in Germany.


Looking forward to this upcoming ceremony.


Much love... Aho


ISKUBU   [ Flo Gold ]