Hello sisters, brothers, family & people interested in the traditional ceremonial work,


I have the honour to invite you to a special ceremony on the weekend 22. till 24. February 2019 in the heart of mother nature with José ...


Jose is a well experienced medicine man of the “Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan”, carrier of the “Chanupa” (Holy Pipe), Visionquester, Sun- and Spiritdancer, Curandero and Temascalero (Sweatlodge). He works in the traditional way of the Shuar people from Ecuador and offers a safe space to get into a deep transformation within yourself. Working together in this sacred circle gives you the opportunity to connect with your personal issues or relationships.


The sacred fire of Itzachilatlan is a call for an alliance between the people from the 4 directions and to come and pray around the sacred fire, to honor the 4 elements (Water, Wind, Fire, Earth) and the 7 arrows (East, South, West, North, Father Sky, Mother Earth and the Spirits). To remember the collective memory of our Ancestors and to share, live and protect together the ways of the ancient wisdom.


The space where we hold this ceremony is a beautiful house in the forest in the national park "Eifel" in Germany, near the city of "Schleiden". In the very long ago past, the location was known as an old lemurian temple and there are special energetic places in the forest around, where you can feel this heritage.












If you have any question about the the ceremony after you read the detailed information, please dont hesitate to contact me. Your questions are important and I will answer every one of them.


Please contact me via Email to receive the detailed information about this ceremony.


If you want to register, please send an Email to:


I am very happy to continue the work with José and to share this opportunity with you.


Looking forward to this upcoming ceremony.


With gratefulness, love, humbleness, respect, fun, joy & happiness!


ISKUBU   [ Flo Gold ]