Thank you for visiting and welcome to my project portfolio website. My name is Florian, and my work is to initiate and to empower projects by creating designs and by guiding individual development processes.

Friends in Europe know me under the name Flo Gold, the Huni Kuin tribe calls me Iskubu, and the Yawanawá gave me the name Sianai.


I am sharing all projects and services with you, to find other people, associations and communities to cooperate with. Together with a strong network of partners and friends, I am creating spaces for culture- and knowledge exchange in Germany and furthermore planning on creating a co-living community with permaculture gardens, workshop-, coworking- and living spaces.


Come and join us. Get in touch to share ideas, collaborate, and help form something that pushes transition.





[ indigenous word, pronounced: "haush" ]

means:  beginning, ending, and harmony
... a manifestation & smile from the heart.












  • Creating spaces for culture- and knowledge exchange in Germany / Coworking Spaces
  • Currently I am helping with design & development tasks in companies & cooperatives.
  • Planning on creating a co-living community with permaculture gardens, workshop-, coworking- and living spaces.
  • Established the cooperative Synthro eG in Mainz, Germany in 2015.
  • Initiated a Coworking Space in Mainz, Germany and built a strong community of coworkers.

  • Lived with the Huni Kuin and Yawanawá tribe in Amazonia and received the name Iskubu Sianai.
    Helping to support their permaculture villages in the rainforest of Acre, Brazil.
  • Learning inside the Visionquest tradition with the Wixarika / Huichol tribe from Mexico.
  • Giving public speeches about community cultures, coworking & new work
    and furthermore about the life in the Amazon, indigenous tribes and their culture & traditions.
  • Making all projects and services available to the public to cooperate with other communities.



  • Born in the 80's in Mainz, Germany.
  • Grew up in a village in the Rhine-Main Area.
  • Graduated from high school with the university-entrance diploma.
  • Studied at RLP4 Academy. Quit after 3 years.
  • Studied Marketing and worked in a Marketing Agency. Quit after 3 years.
  • Worked in the Software Business as a Marketing Manager for several years.
  • Started a sustainable cooperative in 2015 and began to freelance in 2018.
  • Collecting and studying music since childhood. Playing my vinyl record collection in clubs and venues since 2007.
  • Organizing music events and workshops since 2010.
  • Got in contact with the indigenous tribes and traditions in 2015.






... read more about my musical background or my journey to the Amazon.