Living Gaia e. V. encourages exchange between indigenous and modern Western cultures. The non-profit association’s latest project gives the Huni Kuin, an indigenous tribe in the Brazilian state of Acre, a voice and supports them in protecting their homes – the Amazon rainforest. It’s a cause with global significance, because standing up for indigenous groups like the Huni Kuin also means contributing to the protection of the rainforest.


The Amazon is the largest tropical rainforest area on earth. But the green lungs of our planet are under threat. In the past years there have been more forest fires than ever before and every day several thousand hectares of forest are lost. The consequences: More and more animal species are becoming extinct, the climate is warming and weather extremes are already being felt around the world.






Living Gaia - the holistic healing biotope:  Living Gaia is a holistic seminar and training centre near Alto Paraíso in the state of Goiás, Brazil. Our offer is aimed at people who want to deepen and redesign their relationship with nature. Located on the picturesque plateau of Chapada dos Veadeiros, our healing biotope offers a wonderful retreat. Here we create a water retention landscape so that the soil can better store the water. By working for the healing of the earth, we can also experience healing ourselves - according to our motto: "Love the Earth, love yourself, love each other".


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